The NESE On-Line Interactive Self-Study System

  • NESE, Harvard Square Teachers Hold Degrees from Top Universities, including Harvard’s Graduate School of Education*
  • NESE, Harvard Square Teachers are held to the highest standards
  • NESE, Harvard Square Teachers Are Recognized the World Over for Their Expertise

*80% of the teachers on the videos hold degrees from Harvard

  • We have especially taught these classes again - and recorded them - just for you!
  • Watch each video as many times as you want.
  • Complete Your "Homework"
  • Receive Corrections and Explanations
  • Take Quizzes to Monitor Your Progress
  • Take Final Exams
  • Move to the Next Level - Only When You Pass (But, of Course!)
  • Receive a Certificate for Each Level Completed
  • Practice and Reinforce What You Have Just Studied
  • Different Starting Times for Different Time Zones
  • Pay a Subscription Fee Each Month
  • Work at Your Own Speed
  • Live Private & Group Classes Included (Subscriptions B, C & D)
  • Supplemental Live Private and Group Classes Available
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$9/Month $39/Month $69/Month $99/Month
Interactive Self-Study: 10-Level Grammar & Idioms Course
Supplemental Exercises, Quizzes & Exams
Number Of Live Group Classes per Month (50 Minutes Each) - 4 - 4
Number Of Live Private Classes per Month (25 Minutes Each) - - 4 4
80% of Teachers Hold Degrees from The Harvard Graduate School of Education
All Teachers Are Native English Speakers - But of Course!
NESE On-Line Certificate For Each Level Completed
Supplemental Live Private & Group Classes Available
Price Discount on Live Supplemental Classes 5% 5% 5% 5%
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