Classes for Children

All NESE On-Line classes for children are just 25 minutes long, and all classes are especially designed according to the unique characteristics and needs of each individual child, keeping true to the core of NESE’s philosophy:

  • A commitment to excellence in the classroom
  • The provision of a challenging and stimulating curriculum
  • A recognition that each student arrives at NESE with his own unique abilities, needs, and goals, all of which are critical to his success
  • An understanding of the importance of a warm and supportive learning environment
  • A belief in each student’s ability to succeed
  • An appreciation of the power and value of kindness and compassion
  • A respect for all peoples
  • An aspiration to create an extraordinary opportunity to learn English

It depends on the child. If you think that your child can sit still for 25 minutes, you don’t need to sit with him, but it is always a good idea to be nearby - to monitor what is going on.

We are happy to start teaching children at the age of 4. We find that children younger than that age learn English much more effectively if they are able to move around while learning. Obviously, an on-line platform does not provide this option.

We all, children and adults, learn in different ways, and NESE On-Line teachers are trained to teach your child (and in fact, you, as well) in the way that is most effective for him. As you can read above, this focus on teaching according to the unique characteristics of the individual student is the essence of NESE On-Line’s philosophy, and a big part of what makes our programs so effective.

We use material that NESE, itself, has designed and, as you can imagine, adjust its use according to the age, the ability, and the needs of the individual child.

Yes - and no. During the very first lesson that we have with your child, we will be making a range of assessments including his skill level, his ability, and his learning style. It will be part of the lesson and part of what he will enjoy - and, of course, part of what he will benefit from.

All our teachers have extensive experience, not just teaching English, but teaching children in particular. In addition, all NESE On-Line teachers undergo NESE On-Line’s rigorous training and full background checks.