NESE, Harvard Square

Learning English on-line is certainly effective and enjoyable. However, nothing quite matches the experience of going to another country to learn its language - and, of course, its culture. In addition to it being an extrordinary opportunity, time spent abroad is an extremely effective way of reaching your linguistic goals. We therefore invite you to come to the United States - and to NESE, Harvard Square - to experience An Extraordinary Opportunity to Learn English™.

The New England School of English was founded and is still managed by educators. NESE’s unique approach is based on educational research, the result of an analysis that NESE’s founder (and current president) conducted while completing her graduate degree at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. Her examination of effective school and classroom environments allowed her to create both NESE, Harvard Square and NESE On-Line, programs that are guided by their:

  • commitment to excellence in the classroom
  • respect for all peoples
  • belief in each student’s ability to succeed
  • recognition that each student’s specific needs and goals are critical to his success

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Because of its emphasis on excellence, NESE's has consistently been recognized as a leader in the field of English as a Second Language.

It is the contribution of each individual within our team that has made NESE such an extraordinary place to learn English. From the teachers to the staff, we are all committed to offering each student an exceptional school environment, one that is challenging, enjoyable, and entirely supportive to our students.

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NESE is located in Harvard Square in Cambridge/Boston, home to Harvard University and MIT, two of the world’s finest universities. Harvard Square is a focal point of student activity and one of the most interesting and dynamic student centers in the United States. 'The Square', ideally suited for students' needs and recreation, is surrounded by cafés, restaurants, bookshops, and boutiques. University lectures are only a few steps away, classic and current films are just across the street, theaters and concerts are just around the corner, and music is on the street and in the parks. Whatever your interests, you can pursue them in Harvard Square.

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Because of its excellence, NESE has been recognized and accredited by a number of different organizations. However, for us, there is no better recognition than the hundreds of wonderful testimonials students send to the school every year. Click here to read a few of them.