NESE On-Line's Group Classes are the same exact classes (+ additional subjects) that students at NESE, Harvard Square take. Just like at NESE, Harvard Square, they are on a set schedule and have a starting and ending date. Obviously, your experience on-line will be somewhat different from being in a traditional classroom. You will, however, have many of the same exceptional teachers, learn from the same award-winning curriculum, and experience what students the world over have experienced in Harvard Square – an Extraordinary Opportunity to Learn EnglishTM – but now, without having the jet lag from traveling! Please click here to see a list of these extraordinary classes currently available.

NESE On-Line offers a range of live group classes including our 10-level Grammar & Idioms course and our 10-level Conversation & Listening course (as well as a combination Grammar & Idioms + Conversation & Listening course), our TOEFL Preparation and IELTS Preparation courses, and our famous History Club, just as examples. Please browse our course list to see a full list of courses, and please remember more courses are being added all the time.

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This will depend on the course. Some classes require that students complete homework, and others don’t (for example, a pronunciation course would not have homework). If you are assigned homework, your teacher will always review it with you.

Your attendance is recorded, which is something that is done by all strong academic programs. We hope that you will never have to miss a class, but we also understand that as Anna Shine’s (NESE’s founder) mother says, “Life gets in the way of living”. In other words, we understand that you might have to be absent. In this case, your teacher will certainly let you know what you missed, and you can certainly consider taking a private class to help make up what you missed. We just want to make sure that you can pass all you quizzes and your final exam – and receive a certificate.

You will receive a “pass/fail” notation in all your classes. In order to pass, you must do your homework (if you are given homework), you must participate in class, and you must pass any tests that you are given.

The average size of NESE On-Line group classes is 8. However, some classes will be smaller (sometimes classes only have 2 students in them!) and some will be slightly bigger. You can be certain that we understand that class size is very important to our students - and you can be certain that it is also very important to us.

Each group class is different. Some last for just one 50-minute lesson, while others last for 9 weeks. The duration will always be listed on the course description. Further, some classes meet just once each week, while others meet twice or three times each week. NESE On-Line has tried to present you with a list of options in terms of time of day, frequency each week, and length of the course. If you have a specific request, please let us know. We love requests!