General Information

Some of the NESE On-Line teachers are the same teachers that many of you have had at NESE, Harvard Square. Of course, not all of them have not taught at NESE, Harvard Square. However, all NESE On-Line teachers are native English speakers who have demonstrated that they meet NESE’s high standards, and all of NESE On-Line  teachers have been trained by NESE.

For those of you who have studied at NESE, Harvard Square, you know that NESE is considered one of the top language schools in the world. A great deal of this credit certainly goes to NESE’s teachers. Being online will not change the quality of our teachers - just their “classroom”.

What a good question! Although all NESE On-Line teachers are native speakers, they do not all have American accents. Today’s world is highly interconnected, and we believe that it is critical that you learn how to understand English spoken with different accents. If you can only understand American English or only understand Australian English, for example, (which are very similar, by the way), you will be at a disadvantage to those who understand a wide range of accents. Our goal is to give you the English language tools to be as successful as possible, and by exposing you to a wide range of native speakers, we are giving you the best tools we possibly can.

During all your live classes, you will see and speak with your teacher. When your teacher writes on the classroom “board”, you will immediately see what she writes. It is the next best thing to flying to NESE, Harvard Square and attending class in Harvard Square!

NESE strongly recommends that students take a combination of group lessons and private classes. In doing so, you will gain the most from two complementary academic environments and have opportunities to use your English in both settings.

Yes, you do. We need to make sure that you are in the correct level so that you can maximally benefit from your studies. Just as a doctor makes a diagnosis from a blood sample, we need to have an understanding of your English level that is as complete as possible - so that we can most effectively teach you. It is impossible to fail a placement test, and so there is no need to be nervous about it.

Additionally, if you plan to take private lessons, it is critical that your instructor knows your exact level so that she can plan your lessons accordingly. After you have registered, you will take your placement test.

NESE offers 10 levels in many of its classes. In order to take some classes (such as TOEFL or Business English) students must have reached at least required proficiency. The proficiency level required for each class is clearly stated.

Some, but not all, online classes require textbooks. If your class requires a textbook, it will be available to purchase on-line, often directly from the publisher before your course starts. The fee for your books is an extra fee, and will cost approximately US$40 per course . (Please remember that not all courses require textbooks.) We are sorry about the price. We expected that because the books are digital, they would be cheaper than the paper version. However, the publishers are charging more or less the same price for e-books as they do for paper ones! The interactive self-study subscription program does not require textbooks.

If your course requires a textbook, you will receive an e-mail providing you with purchase information.

Yes, of course. However, just like at NESE, Harvard Square, you must attend your classes regularly, participate in class, do your homework, and pass any exams. If you have chosen the self-study subscription option, you will receive a certificate at the end of each level that you pass. You will not receive grades in any class; Instead, you will receive a “pass/fail” notation.

Yes, it does. The NESE On-Line system works on a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, and on your smart phone. We recommend using a headset so that you can hear your teacher as clearly as possible.

We are very aware that many schools offer online classes, and so we really do appreciate that you are interested in taking classes with NESE On-Line. We are also very aware that some schools offer very cheap online classes, and we would love to be able to do the same. However, we cannot provide you with the quality you want - and expect - from NESE, if we do not pay our online teachers well. Thus, when you see NESE’s price list, please know that we have tried to provide you with the best price that we can, while at the same time, we have tried to do the best that we can for our teachers.

We are delighted that you asked! Please click on to learn about NESE. Please look at the right-hand corner of the website to choose which language you would like.