Self-Study System

Many of us have little time in the day for much more than we are already doing, and NESE understands this. It is for this very reason that we designed the NESE On-Line Self-Study System. It allows you to take classes - follow the same award-winning curriculum that students in our live classes follow - but entirely on a schedule that you choose. Further, you can study at whatever speed you want, for example doing 2 hours of English one day and just 20 minutes the next. It is entirely up to you.

There are 10 levels.

No, you don’t. The Self-Study System is designed to be a subscription system, which means you pay a set fee each month. This set fee gives you unlimited access to the entire program (which is based on the curriculum that we use in our live classes). In each level, you watch a series of videos and complete the required interactive exercises and quizzes (which will be corrected and scored). Then, when you have completed all the requirements for the level, you take a final level exam. However, you can only move up to the next level after you pass – of course!

NESE On-Line offers four different levels of subscriptions. The basic subscription (Subscription A) does not include any live classes in the monthly fee. All other subscriptions include additional live classes, which have been designed to compliment and reinforce your studies: Subscription B includes 4 live group classes per month. Subscription C includes 4 live private classes per month, and Subscription D includes both 4 live group classes and 4 live private classes each month. With all subscription levels, you can purchase as many additional live private or group classes as you wish, and you will receive a 5% discount!

All the teachers are current or former NESE teachers. They all have years of teaching experience, both at NESE and in programs outside of NESE. The majority of them (80%) hold degrees from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Before you start the NESE On-Line Self-Study System, you will take a placement test. Your test results will indicate the best level for you to begin your studies, and this level will be your starting point. However, if you find a certain grammar point (or points) difficult, you can simply use the NESE On-Line search tool to watch lower-level videos of the specific grammar point - as often as you want.

You can watch each video - at your level and in lower levels - as many times as you want. Every student learns in a different way, and some students learn more quickly than others. It is for this very reason that we have designed the system to allow you to watch the videos as often as you want. NESE On-Line teachers and you share the same objective - your success.

There are several choices:

You can take NESE On-Line Live Group and Private Classes. There are many options to choose from!

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The subscription system is an auto-renew system. You can cancel after only one month. There is no minimum number of months that you are required to subscribe.

Yes. You will receive a certificate when you have successfully completed each level.