Thank you for your interest in teaching with NESE On-Line.

For a long time, I 1 actually resisted taking NESE on-line simply because I believed that nothing could equal the power of teaching in a brick and mortar classroom. I have always believed that the best teaching occurs through the personal (in-person) interaction between a teacher and her pupil, an interaction that enables us to demonstrate to a student that we believe in him and that we won’t ever give up on him, that we will always cross the bridge and go to him – to lead him along the path of his own individual success. I have always believed that it is only through these relationships with our students that we are able to empower them to be the best they can be.

How could this possibly occur on-line, I thought? Well, I have come to discover that although the magic that a great teacher creates in a traditional classroom can’t be created in exactly the same way on-line, teaching on-line does allow us to make a positive difference in the lives of our students in other ways. Firstly, great teaching can still take place because simply put, great teaching is still great teaching, regardless of the environment. Secondly, on-line teaching allows us to reach and touch students who, without on-line classes, would just not have the opportunity to learn. Thus, perhaps we can’t produce the same sort of magic on-line that we can in person, but instead, we can still produce another sort of magic: the magic of a connection that is powerful enough to change a life.

NESE On-Line wants to work with teachers who understand and can define what great teaching is and who embrace NESE’s philosophy:

  • A commitment to excellence in the classroom (including a digital one)
  • The provision of a challenging and stimulating curriculum
  • A belief in each student’s ability to succeed
  • A recognition that each student comes with his own unique abilities, needs, and goals, all of which are critical to his success
  • An understanding of the importance of a warm and supportive learning environment
  • An appreciation of the power and value of kindness and compassion
  • An awareness that language learning is incomplete without an understanding of the culture within which the language is used

NESE On-Line Students, teachers, and staff come from over 100 countries. They belong to every major religion, almost every ethnic group, and have all levels of ability and disability. Despite great differences between us, NESE On-Line remains committed to more than simply teaching English; we have always been – and will always remain – committed to lessening hatred, intolerance, and discrimination against everyone. When students finish their studies at NESE On-Line, they leave not only convinced that their English has improved, but also convinced that we are all part of one human race, united by our respect for one another.

1. The “I” here is Anna Shine, the founder of NESE and NESE On-Line.
  • BA in related field required
  • Ed.M, or TESOL/TEFL qualification preferred
  • Ideal candidates will have extensive (successful teaching) experience in the field
  • Candidates with other professional backgrounds are welcome to apply. However, those candidates who do not have experience in the field will be required to have a TESOL/TEFL qualification 2
  • Candidates must be native English speakers
2. Please ask us if you need advice about where to get such certification relatively quickly.
  • have access to a computer with a wired Ethernet connection (WiFi is not acceptable.)
  • have access to a lapel mic to use with all online teaching (Its use is a requirement.)
  • have completed the NESE On-Line “New Teacher Training and Orientation”
  • have completed all required paperwork
  • have passed a background check

Those of you who have taught at NESE, Harvard Square, know that NESE is a school that takes teaching very seriously, and holds it teachers to the highest standards. You can expect the same with NESE On-Line.

Just like NESE, Harvard Square, teaching with NESE On-Line allows you to:

  • Work for an award-winning school
  • Work for a school known for its support of its teachers
  • Rely on NESE’s student-centered curriculum to bring out the best in your own teaching style

However unlike NESE, Harvard Square, teaching with NESE On-Line allows you to:

  • Work from home (or somewhere exotic)
  • Work at whatever time you want, whenever you want (no more commuting!)
  • Wear whatever you want (including Birkenstocks ) – well, from the waist down anyway
Please send your resume and cover letter to