Self-Study System: Subscription B
  • Interactive Self-Study: 10-Level Course
  • Supplemental Exercises, Quizzes & Exams
  • 4 Live Group Classes per Month (50 Minutes Each)
  • NESE Certificate For Each Level Completed
  • Price Discount on Live Supplemental Classes

The NESE On-Line Self-Study system covers the complete and extremely popular 10-level Grammar & Idioms course we teach at NESE, Harvard Square. As a result, whether you don’t speak English at all or are a high-level student ready for TOEFL and IELTS-level courses, there will be a level that is perfect for you.

In each level, you watch a series of videos and complete the required interactive exercises and quizzes (which will be corrected and scored). Then, when you have completed all the requirements for the level, you will take a final level exam, and continue to the next level. You can watch each video and do the exercises, both at your level and in levels below yours, as often as you want. Certificates are awarded.

The majority (80%) of the teachers that you see on the videos hold degrees from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The majority of them (also 80%) are current or former NESE teachers. All of them have years of teaching experience.

Please see a short sample video below.