Private Classes with NESE On-Line provide you with an opportunity to gain intensive practice, receive on-going correction and feedback, and to focus on your specific goals, for example an introduction to English business terminology, advanced presentation skills, or perhaps your very first lessons in English. Within the framework of private lessons, you will gain intensive training and practice in your specifically defined areas, and because you are the only student, you will have 100% of your teacher’s attention at all times, which, of course, allows you to maximize your learning in an environment created just for your specific needs.

Really, you can study anything that you want to. You can study a range of classes from your very first English class all the way through advanced TOEFL and IELTS test preparation – and everything in between. English for Specific Purposes classes such as Business English, Legal English, Medical English, and Aviation English are also very popular options with NESE On-Line. Please just tell us what you want to study, and we will do our very best to prepare a program for you.

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There is not one correct answer here. Some people find that they learn best by taking shorter classes frequently, while others find that they learn better by having longer classes, but less frequently. What is important is that you tell us what you need to suit your own individual learning style, and we will support you. Please note that we do not recommend that you take more than six hours a day of online private instruction. More than six hours per day can exhaust students and slow the learning process.

NESE offers private classes to suit students around the world in different time zones. Please choose a time that best suits you.

Most NESE On-Line private classes are 50 minutes long.

The following are 25 minutes long:

  • Private Classes for Seniors
  • Private Classes for Children
  • Interactive Self-Study System – Private Class Add-Ons

You can combine two or more classes if you would like longer classes.

Before you start any type of classes at NESE, you will take a placement test. Just as a doctor makes a diagnosis from a blood sample, we need to have an understanding of your English level that is as complete as possible - so that we can most effectively teach you. It is impossible to fail a placement test, and so there is no need to be nervous about it.