Research Has Shown...

Research has shown us that there are multiple benefits of being able to speak English. For example, people who speak English are more often promoted to higher positions than those who don't - in all fields, from business, education, and government to science, engineering, and the arts. In other words, there is a direct correlation between speaking English and professional success.

However, life has shown many of us that there isn't always the time - or the funds - to travel to an English-speaking country for a few months to learn English intensively. NESE now offers the second-best thing: "NESE On-Line". We are so excited to bring this to you!

It is only natural to wonder if on-line learning is as effective as learning in a traditional classroom, and this is a reasonable question to ask. The good news is that the answer is yes! And there is ample evidence as support. One study1, by researchers at Harvard, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Tsinghua University concluded that on-line learning is as effective as traditional classroom learning. In fact, their conclusion was that students achieve a great deal!

Although we strongly believe that the most effective and fastest way to learn English is to live in an English-speaking country (and attend a great school like NESE), you can be confident that learning English on-line with NESE On-Line remains an excellent option.

1. Colvin, K, John Champaign, J, Liu, Zhou, Q, Fredericks, C, and E Pritchard, D 2014 'Learning in an Introductory Physics MOOC: All Cohorts Learn Equally, Including an On-Campus Class' , International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 15(4).