NESE, Harvard Square Intensive Program Reading & Writing

This Reading & Writing course replicates the NESE, Harvard Square Reading & Writing course. It meets 5 days per week for 90 minutes per day. There are 10 levels, and each level lasts for 4 weeks. There is no requirement to take more than one level.

  • Replicates the NESE, Harvard Square Intensive Reading & Writing Course
  • 90 Minutes per Day - 5 Days per week
  • 10 Levels: Each Level = 4 Weeks
  • Learn to Write Logically, Grammatically, and Appropriately
  • Receive Consistent Corrections on the Style, Structure, and Content of Your Work
  • Read Authentic English and Real-Life documents in As Low Levels As Possible
  • Vocabulary, Idioms, and Correct Use of Grammar Are Fundamental in This Course
  • Reading & Writing for TOEFL and Business Reading & Writing Options for Students in Level 8+
  • All Teachers are Native Speakers (Always)
  • 30 Years of NESE Curriculum Research & Development Provide Foundation for Course
  • Certificates Awarded Upon Course Completion

Never be afraid to make a mistake. Your teacher is here to help you. If you try and are correct, that is to your credit. If you try and you make a mistake, that is an ideal opportunity for your teacher to help you, and for you (and the class) to learn something new. Trying is important; perfection 100% of the time is not. Remember, “Mistakes are not important; Understanding is”TM