NESE, Harvard Square Intensive Program Conversation & Listening

This Conversation & Listening course replicates the NESE, Harvard Square Conversation & Listening course. It meets 5 days per week for 90 minutes per day. There are 10 levels, and each level lasts for 4 weeks. There is no requirement to take more than one level.

  • Replicates the NESE, Harvard Square Intensive Conversation & Listening Course
  • 90 Minutes Day - 5 Days per week
  • 10 Levels: Each Level = 4 Weeks
  • Course Leads from True Beginner in Level 1 to Fluency in Level 10
  • Receive Consistent Corrections on Your Usage, Your Pronunciation, and Your Grammar
  • Exposure to a Wide Range of Authentic Spoken English and Real-Life Listening Resources from the Very First Levels
  • Students Required to Do As Much Speaking As Possible
  • Intensive Listening & Speaking for TOEFL and Business Communication Options for Students in Level 8+
  • All Teachers are Native Speakers (Always)
  • 30 Years of NESE Curriculum Research & Development Provide Foundation for Course
  • Certificates Awarded Upon Course Completion

NESE’s Conversation & Listening classes provide you with an academically rigorous curriculum within a warm and engaging environment. Teachers - all native speakers - lead the class dynamically, and students do as much of the speaking as possible. NESE’s curriculum exposes students to a wide range of authentic spoken English and real-life listening comprehension resources including films, audio news programs and guest speakers from the very first levels. These resources prepare you to understand the English that you will hear outside of NESE in a variety of settings. By correcting your usage consistently, NESE teachers prepare you to use your English confidently in a wide range of social, academic and professional settings.

Never be afraid to make a mistake. Your teacher is here to help you. If you try and are correct, that is to your credit. If you try and you make a mistake, that is an ideal opportunity for your teacher to help you, and for you (and the class) to learn something new. Trying is important; perfection 100% of the time is not. Remember, “Mistakes are not important; Understanding is”TM