Business English

This course has six sections. It does not matter in which order you take the sections.

  • 50 Minutes per Day - 2 Days per week - 6 Weeks
  • Minimum Listening & Speaking Level 7 Required to Take Course
  • Learn Effective Business Communication: Both Oral & Written
  • Develop Business English Speaking & Listening + Reading & Writing Skills
  • Participate in Discussions of Topics in Respected Business Journals
  • Learn to Present Opinions on Current Business Issues
  • Receive Consistent Correction of Vocabulary, Style, and Pronunciation
  • Ideal for Business Students or Those New to Business Word
  • All Teachers are Native Speakers (Always)
  • 30 Years of NESE Curriculum Research & Development Provide Foundation for Course
  • Certificates Awarded Upon Course Completion

This course focuses on the skills required to clearly express and understand views on a wide variety of business topics. Students will gain a greater understanding of US business culture as well as international business trends, and your instructor will help you develop and refine your current level of skills while incorporating the styles and tones of vocabulary and idioms used in different business situations. Readings, including current articles from respected business journals, will not only improve your English language proficiency, but will also expose you to new perspectives and strategies that will augment your business acumen. Finally, just as in a real professional environment, you will be taught to present opinions on a variety of business topics - and how to appropriately respond to them.

Never be afraid to make a mistake. Your teacher is here to help you. If you try and are correct, that is to your credit. If you try and you make a mistake, that is an ideal opportunity for your teacher to help you, and for you (and the class) to learn something new. Trying is important; perfection 100% of the time is not. Remember, “Mistakes are not important; Understanding is”TM