Medical English

This course has 2 sections. It does not matter in which order you take the sections.

  • 50 Minutes per Day - 2 Days per week - 7 Weeks
  • Minimum Listening & Speaking Level 7 Required to Take Course
  • Presentation of English Medical Terminology Used in Range of Settings
  • Highlights of International Differences in Delivery of Medicine and Public Health Services
  • Vocabulary for Greeting Patients, Discussing Symptoms, Diagnoses, and Prognoses + for a Range of Other Situations
  • Discussions of Topics such as Stem Cell Research, Bioethics, Palliative Medicine, Infection Control, and Current Issues of the Day
  • Consistent Correction of Vocabulary, Grammar, Style, Usage, and Pronunciation
  • All Teachers are Native Speakers (Always)

Because the instructor of this class does not have a medical background, you can expect to know more about medical matters, anatomy and physiology and treatments than your instructor does. However, you will enjoy discussing US medical terminology and situations as points of comparison. Although Medical English is not an introductory medical course, it is appropriate for those who plan to study medicine in the future.

Never be afraid to make a mistake. Your teacher is here to help you. If you try and are correct, that is to your credit. If you try and you make a mistake, that is an ideal opportunity for your teacher to help you, and for you (and the class) to learn something new. Trying is important; perfection 100% of the time is not. Remember, “Mistakes are not important; Understanding is”TM