IELTS Preparation Course

This is a multi-session course, but you can take as few - or as many sessions - as you wish. It does not matter in which order you take the sections. After taking this course, students have reported increased test scores - in particular in the parts of the exam they have found most troublesome. Equal focus is given to all skill areas.

  • 50 Minutes per Day - 3 Days per week - 6 Weeks
  • Minimum Level 7 Required to Take Course
  • Develop Listening Skills Required for Academic and General Versions of Exam
  • Improve Skills in Reading for Main Ideas, Gist, Understanding Details, and Skimming
  • Gain Greater Understanding of Logical Arguments and Recognizing Purpose, Attitude of Writer
  • Learn Strategies for Short Writing Task and Essay Component
  • Acquire Test-Taking Techniques
  • All NESE On-Line Teachers are Native Speakers (Always)
  • 30 Years of NESE Curriculum Research & Development Provide Foundation for Course
  • Certificates Awarded Upon Course Completion

Although the official IELTS® Exam does not have a specific Grammar component, students preparing for the IELTS® and other standardized exams (such as the TOEFL, GMAT, or GRE) welcome the opportunity to focus specifically on advanced Grammar points presented in the challenging and dense IELTS® style. In class, students receive an in-depth skill review of grammatical structures, learn advanced grammar forms, acquire test-taking techniques, and take practice exams. The skills learned will greatly improve reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, and also serves as an excellent review of all grammar topics.

This component of NESE’s courses focuses specifically on the listening section of the IELTS® Exam. In class, students practice listening to both types of IELTS listening materials: conversations and monologues, for both the Academic and General versions of the IELTS®. Students will also learn the skills required to respond to the different types of questions that appear on the listening section, including multiple choice, matching, plan/diagram/map labelling, /flowchart/table/form/note/summary completion, and sentence completion.

This component of NESE’s courses focuses specifically on the reading sections of the IELTS® Exam. In class, students improve their skills in reading for main ideas, gist, and details, as well as skimming, understanding logical arguments and recognizing the purpose, attitude or opinions of the writer. Whether preparing for the Academic or the General version of the exam, students will benefit from practicing the reading section and learning strategies for the types of questions on this section of the test, such as multiple choice, matching headings/features/sentence endings, summary completion, diagram label completion, short answer, and more.

This component of the course focuses specifically on the reading comprehension and writing sections of the iBT Next Generation TOEFL exam. Students will improve their skimming and scanning abilities, learn information recognition strategies, and acquire the writing skills necessary to complete both the independent and integrated writing portions of the exam.

Never be afraid to make a mistake. Your teacher is here to help you. If you try and are correct, that is to your credit. If you try and you make a mistake, that is an ideal opportunity for your teacher to help you, and for you (and the class) to learn something new. Trying is important; perfection 100% of the time is not. Remember, “Mistakes are not important; Understanding is”TM