Live Private Classes FAQ’s

Private Instruction is one-on-one instruction that gives you the opportunity to focus on your specific goals, gain intensive practice, and receive on-going correction and feedback. Because you are the only student, you have 100% of your teacher’s attention at all times.

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Really, you can study anything that you want to. You will be offered general English topics such as Grammar & Idioms, Conversation & Listening, as well as Reading & Writing. You can also choose test preparation classes such as TOEFL Preparation and TOEIC Preparation. English for Specific Purposes classes such as Business English, Legal English, Medical English, and Aviation English are also options. Please just tell us what you want to study, and we will do our best to prepare a program for you.

NESE On-Line offers several categories of private classes.

  1. General English

    Genera English includes subjects such as Grammar & Idioms, Conversation & Listening, and Reading & Writing.Each class lasts for 25 minutes. If you wish to have a 50-minute class, you can put two classes back-to back.

  2. Test Preparation

    This includes TOEFL Preparation and TOEIC Preparation as well as preparation for other standardized tests. Each class lasts for 50 minutes.

  3. English for Specific Purposes

    This includes subjects such as Business English, Legal English, Medical English, and Aviation English. Each class lasts for 50 minutes.

  4. Please just tell us what you want to study, and we will do our best to prepare a program for you.

There is not one correct answer here. Some people find that they learn best by taking frequent shorter classes, while others find that they need longer classes. What is important is that you tell us what you need to suit your own individual learning style, and we will support you. Please note that we do not recommend that you take more than six hours a day of on-line private instruction. More than six hours per day can often exhaust students and may slow the learning process.

All of the NESE’s teachers are native English speakers who have demonstrated that they meet NESE’s high standards, and all of NESE’s on-line teachers have been trained by NESE. For those of you who already know NESE, you know that we are considered one of the top language schools in the world. A great deal of this credit certainly goes to NESE’s teachers. Being online will not change the quality of our teachers – just their “classroom”.

A number of NESE On-Line teachers currently teach or have already taught at NESE, Harvard Square. These teachers (and a few other exceptional teachers) are noted as “Gold Star Teachers”, as we consider them to be the best of the best. It will be easy to see which teachers are NESE Gold Star Teachers, as they will have a little gold star on their profile page.

What a good question! Although all NESE On-Line teachers are native speakers, they do not all have American accents. Today’s world is highly interconnected, and we believe that it is critical that you learn how to understand English spoken with different accents. If you can only understand American English or only understand Australian English, for example, (which are very similar, by the way), you will be at a disadvantage to those who understand a wide range of accents. Our goal is to give you the English language tools to be as successful as possible, and by exposing you to a wide range of native speakers, we are giving you the best tools we possibly can.

During all your live classes, you will see and speak with your teacher. When your teacher writes on the classroom “board”, you will immediately see what she writes. It is the next best thing to flying to NESE, Harvard Square and attending class in Harvard Square!

NESE strongly recommends that students take a combination of group lessons and private classes. In doing so, you will gain the most from two complementary academic environments and have opportunities to use your English in both settings.

Yes. We need to make sure that you are in the correct level so that NESE can make sure that your private teacher knows your exact level and can plan your private lessons accordingly. After you have registered, you will take your placement test.

Yes, it does. The NESE On-Line system works on a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, and on your smart phone. We recommend using a headset so that you can hear your teacher as clearly as possible.

NESE will always provide you with the best teacher available. Please tell us as much about yourself and your goals as possible when you complete the NESE Private Instruction Student Information Form.

Please note that a 5% discount is offered to NESE, Harvard Square Alumni.

Minutes Price NESE, Harvard Square 5% Alumni Discount

General English

25 1 Class $30 $28.50
5 Classes $130 $123.50
10 Classes* $250 $237.50

General English

Gold Star Teacher

25 1 Class $40 $38.00
5 Classes $174 $165.30
10 Classes* $332 $315.40

English for Specific Purposes*

50 1 Class $63 $59.85
5 Classes $175 $261.25
10 Classes* $530 $503.50

English for Specific Purposes*

Gold Star Teacher

50 1 Class $75 $71.25
5 Classes $330 $313.50
10 Classes* $630 $598.50

* These classes include TOEFL Preparation, Business English, Legal English, Medical English, Aviation English and more.

* Classes valid for 2 months

NESE On-Line Private Classes requires 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule a private lesson. If you must cancel with ess than 24 hours’ notice, you will be charged for the missed classes.